Friday, May 7, 2010


Woo Hoo! Celebrate good times come on!!

The semester is officially over!!! I have been going five semesters straight, with maybe two weeks inbetween semesters, and I'm done until August!!! Woop!

I also found out that I will be student teaching in a 6th grade classroom at Monroe Elementary, which is like ten minutes away from my house, which is awesome! I'll be working with Kimberlee Bonham, she will be my site teacher and trainer for next school year. I get to meet her next Friday and I'm very excited for that. My mom is not happy that I got 6th grade, cause she worked with a 6th grade class for a school year and hated it, and she kind of keeps bumming me out! I'm getting really excited! I worked in an elementary school as a title one aid for a 3rd grade class, so I've experienced younger grades, so I'm excited to try an older grade. I also found out that another girl from my cohort (the group of my peers that I'll be working with this year) is also student teaching a 6th grade class at the same school, so that will be SO nice to have someone else going throught the same things as me. She and I will know too much about each other by this time next year! :)

So, I gave my boss the news today that I'll be quitting at the end of the summer. I'm not gonna lie, it worries me SO much that I'm quitting my job when the teaching field isn't desperate for teachers. It makes me really sad that they are cutting back on SO much school funding in our state! These kids are struggling, so let's pull out all of the resources that will help to enhance their learning. (Yes, I'm going off on a tangent) I was watching Ellen the other day, and she gave everyone in the audience an Ipod touch, plus three audence members got $500.00 worth of gift cards to shop at Target. Don't get me wrong Ellen is my favorite, but can you imagine what that money could do for our education system? This is our future people!!! I guess that's why I want to be a teacher so much...I'm obviously not in it for the money, and if I can help make a difference in children's education I'll do everything in my power to make that happen!

On a lighter note, I am going to be an officer in my sorority next year! I'm the Sigma Secretary! The girls are AMAZING, and this is going to be SO good for me, I cannot wait!

So I decided that all I'm going to do all summer is read, and read, and read. I haven't really been able to read for pleasure because of school and work. So if you have any book suggestions please share! :)

I'd like to share a conversation I had with my father when asking him if I could have an ice cream sandwich...

Me: Dad can I have a Fat Boy?
Dad: I wouldn't care if he was a skinny boy! :)

Friday, February 19, 2010

YAY ST. PATRICK'S DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

St. Patrick's day is one of my FAVORITE holidays!! It's a part of my heritage, which is one excuse, but the main reason is that the color GREEN is my absolute FAVORITE! My bedroom walls are painted green,my Ipod is green, a lot of my clothes are green, I have some shoes that are green, my steering wheel cover on my car is green. I love the color. Period. I can't wait for the day that I have my own house to buy green decorations for. It'll be EPIC! :)

School is going along pretty well. It's work and it's keeping me busy, and the thought of teaching makes me very excited. Next week is Spring Break, and then only 5 more weeks of school for the semester! Yipee!!!


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

School is underway once again! It's taken me so long to post because the high speed wireless internet I was mooching off of some neighbor, no longer exists, so I have to wait for dial up and it's not as motivating!
I'm three weeks into the semester and so far so good. I'm taking a Reading Methods class that is teaching me learning strategies to help 4-6 graders in reading. I LOVE my teacher for that class. It's crazy but she keeps me engaged for the whole 2 1/2 hours I'm there.
I am also taking a class on behavior analysis, it's technically a Special Education class, but the teacher is teaching behavior strategies that will work for any student, and I think that this class will be VERY helpful!
My third class is a class that integrates the arts, like dance, drama, music, and visual arts in to the classroom. We dance and prance around a lot in this class, so naturally I love it! :) We get to put on a production with students in nearby elementary's which I am very excited about. I'll post picture later in the semester to show you all how it turned out.

I'm starting to stress over money, and wondering how I am supposed to survive in the fall when I will have to quit my job...I finally told my boss that I'll probably be quitting, and she mentioned the idea of letting me come in once and a while to work, which would be SO helpful!!!! I really hope she lets me come in at least once a week when I can. I love the people I work with they are VERY supportive about me going to school! Especially Jackie, Polly, and Ashley who work in the same dept. as me, and have to pick up the slack while I'm at school. THANK YOU GUYS!!!!!!

All is well, I need to get some new pictures posted soon, but waiting for the dial up is not something I'm looking forward to! :)
Wish me luck on my next semester, I am getting SO close!!!!!

Monday, November 30, 2009

I'm in!!!!

I was accepted into the teaching licensure program at the University of Utah!!! YAY!!! Two more weeks until this semester is over, and then I only have THREE more semesters until I'm completely done with school!!!!! I am VERY excited!
Today this girl in my class was ranting about how horrible the program at the U is, and told me to get out, and she really had me feeling discouraged...until I decided that I am NOT going to let her bring me down! I have to stay positive if I'm ever going to make it through! I CAN DO THIS!!!! :)

p.s. I LOVE CHRISTMASTIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009


I am in an LDS sorority, Sigma is our name. I joined because a friend at work kept telling me how much fun it is, and how much I was missing out. She's been telling me that for the past two years, I finally listened, and boy am I glad that I did! Between school and work I rarely have any time left over, and that's usually spent napping. :) The sorority kind of forces me to socialize, because there are set activities every week, which helps becaue it's already planned I just have to show up. If I didn't have this one night a week to play, I think I would go crazy! I am loving the girls in Sigma too! They just invite you in and immediately befriend you, and I'm excited to continue to know them better! Here are some pictures from our activity last week.